Recently a Dave and Busters opened up between my work and home. Dave and Busters is a more expensive version of Chuck E Cheese, that is also more adult oriented. They also have much better prizes that can include, iPad’s, Nintendo Switches, and of course gigantic plushies. I also discovered that there is an entire subreddit devoted to mastering the games and Dave and Busters to the point where people can make money reselling their prizes. Personally, I just enjoy figuring out and mastering games. The biggest thing I do, is buy coupons off eBay, and combine them with 1/2 off Wednesday for semi-maximum value. I’m far from an Advantage Player. But I have been able to hit the Jackpots to Tailgate Toss, Two-Minute Warning and Down the Clown…when the high scores are low. The other game I’ve sort of mastered is Minions: Jelly Lab. I can hit the “card spot” about 40-50% of the time. However, the real jackpot to the game depends on how many of the “rare” Peanut Butter and Jelly cards are in the machine, of which you can’t tell when you sit down to play the game. So sometimes I’ve hit a ton of tickets on the machine, and other times, I just get a pittance for tickets.

I like taking Lois to Dave and Busters on Wednesday, and I tell her that we can just play to have fun. However, I also enjoy telling her the strategies of how the games work. (i.e. why the claw machines are rigged). She is also quite impressed with giant plushies I sometimes bring home. Apparently she was invited to a birthday party at Dave and Buster’s, and told the birthday girl that her dad was a “master” at getting tickets at Dave and Buster’s, and she could teach her all the best games to play. I immediately realized the horror of a bunch of kids at the birthday party asking me to win them a treasure trove of tickets…that I wasn’t actually capable of earning. I also couldn’t reasonably tell them to “come back Wednesday.” I’ll update you with what happens at the party this Saturday.