Over a decade ago, a bunch of my friends and I went to the Evo Fighting Game Championships in Vegas for a weekend, before making our way to San Diego Comic-Con the following weekend. We had about three days between the two, so we spent the time at my friend’s house in Vegas. When we got onto the plane for San Diego, one of my friends remarked to me:


“We spent 5 days in Vegas, and I spent more time going with you to TargetĀ looking for Action Figures, than I actually spent at Casinos…”


My friend and I have probably spent close to 20+ years (and unfortunately thousands of dollars), on collecting action figures and toys. To some extent, a significant portion of vacations was spent doing so. My friend told me he was selling off his collection. It truly is an end of an era. At some point, I’ve needed to pull back on toy spending. After all, how many versions of Spider-Man does one person need? (The Answer is something less than 30). Still the entire point of parenthood, is at sometime the money spent on my toys, must now be spent on Children instead.


Nevertheless, Galactus is on his way to my house in 2022.