My mother immigrated from Hong Kong, and I don’t think I have a single childhood picture with Santa. I do recall going to meet Santa several times, but I’m pretty sure the main reason was to get a free candy cane. On the other hand, Amanda’s family has an annual tradition of taking a photo with Santa, and keeping it as a priceless memento. It’s an incredible affair, that requires both girls to have semi-matching dresses, and everything has to look perfect. I believe several hours of preparation are involved. I am not allowed to participate. However, when everything is done, copies are mailed out to all interested relatives. This past year, my mother informed me that she didn’t understand why my wife was giving her these photos, and that she didn’t want them anymore. Her exact words were, “I don’t like this old man.” To her credit, she said the girls looked nice, and would appreciate a photo with just the girls.