This comic is pretty true to life. My brother gifted both my girls their own Tamagotchi’s. Originally, they were both excited and wanted to see what createure they would get when it hatched. Eventually, there were complaints that their new friend was beeping too much, demanding too much attention, and overall were just annoying. I guess the joke is either they didn’t recognize that they do the exact same thing to me, nearly every day. Or the joke is that I’m super pissed at my brother for gifting a toy that beeps every so often in the most annoying way possible. Trust me, you neverĀ want to wake up in the middle of the night to a beeping Tamagotchi. I feel this is why you rarely see siblings that are less than two years apart, as that is the amount of time it takes for a parent to forget about the incredible burden an infant is.


I remarked to the girls’ that this probably means that they aren’t ready for a cat, bunny, or whatever pet they have demanded of me in the past. To which Lois replied, “Daddy, a cat doesn’t beep at you.”


No Lois, a Cat doesn’t beep at you, it just craps in a box, scratches everything and eats all my toys. It also will cost me thousands of dollars to be the recipient of such joy.