Some parents are shocked when teachers tell them that their kids are monsters in the classroom, because they are little angels at home. However, in my case when a teacher tells me that my child is so well behaved, I sometimes have trouble believing it.

Amusingly, the two scenes depicted in the middle two panels are quite real. Lois has a real aversion to peas. Unfortunately, it is also one of the easiest meals to cook, since you just microwave them. Eating peas will take upward of an hour. It usually starts off innocently, but then will progress to crying, complaining they are cold, then mock (or real) throwing up. I suppose it works, because we don’t cook peas as much anymore. The other thing Lois and Melody do, is chant “Bad Manners, GO TO JAIL!” over and over again, if they spot a violation of manners. Since I like to chew with my mouth open, I am usually the target of said chants.