My name is Tim. My wife, Amanda, and I have two elementary aged daughters, Lois and Melody. I started drawing this comic strip in 2018, to document our life raising these two girls. I posted most of the strips to my Facebook feed for my friends, and only recently (2020) started posting strips to this website. Almost all of the strips are inspired by some real life event, or a Facebook post from one of our friends who have similarly aged children.

In college, I used to write comics for the school newspaper. My duties were basically, writing and photoshopping the strips together. I started writing and coming up with ideas for the strip around the time my first daughter was born. However, it was only after my second daughter was born that I decided to attempt to draw them. My drawing skills are a work in progress. I’m sure you will see numerous inconsistencies and errors along the way. I literally have a “How to draw” book sitting on my desk. Also for that reason there is no timeline consistency across the strips. Depending on my confidence and ability to draw strips, you will often see pregnancy strips followed up by toddler strips.

There is no strict update schedule, I just do this in my free time. You will often see strips three days in a row, then a break of a month, depending on how much time I have. Often there will be a break whenever a new Magic: The Gathering expansion comes out.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

Tim Wan