As I mentioned before I usually don’t mail out any Christmas cards, but rather give them out at Christmas parties that I attend. Obviously COVID has prevented me from doing that this year, so the friendly thing to do would be to find out all my friends’ mailing addresses and send them out. Of course the *me* thing to do, is to assume that everybody else didn’t make Christmas cards because there were no parties to attend, and be lazy and not send anything out. Of course a few days before Christmas, I check the mail and there is a pile of Christmas cards from my friends. (though I guess it may be former friends now). Oops. I guess if you are my friend, you can consider this to be our fictional Christmas card this year.


In case you are not a sports fan, the joke is that Power Rankings are usually something that is applied to sports teams throughout the year. ESPN, Sports Illustrated, etc. use these to stir up controversy and rank teams by how good they think they are. The joke is that it is ridiculous to apply this logic to your children, as you are supposed to love them all equally. However, the truth is every parent has their favorite kid, some are just less honest about it than others.


Update: I asked Amanda who her Mom’s favorite kid was, and she gave me a look of disgust. Then I asked her to rank Melody and Lois, and discovered there is apparently a look of greater disgust.