During college I worked at a dot.com start-up with one of my childhood friends, and shared a room with him in the Bay Area. One weekend, we spent the weekend with another friend who lived in the area. When he came to pick us up, my roommate, grabbed a giant bag and filled it with all kind of toiletries and clothes that he would need for the weekend. I literally grabbed my deodorant and a clean pair of underpants and stuffed them in my pocket. Our mutual friend was totally shocked at the difference. I think I eventually also brought along a toothbrush, or at least I hope I did.


Amanda packs for trips quite differently than I do. She has a whole list of things that she will wear and what day, while I just sort of cram whatever is clean into my suitcase. This was even more pronounced when Lois was a baby, and she used to lug around this gigantic diaper bag everywhere she went. When I went out with Lois, I would just take this: