Unlike the strip, Lois actually did do her Science Fair project by herself. Ok, I helped a little. She decided to grow bacteria, that she got from our fish pond*, in petri dishes, while also introducing cleaning agents into the petri dish to evaluate their effectiveness. Bleach was the most successful, and soap water was the most effective solution that was safe for hands. Unfortunately, she never got a chance to present her findings, so these pictures below are the furthest we’ll get. We got a tri-fold poster board, but the quarantine hit before we ever started working on it. I guess we’ll try again next year! Maybe we’ll do the same thing, maybe we won’t! (Error Analysis!!)

*- Note the “Fish Pond” is actually an old water play table that has been collecting rain water for about three years now. About two weeks before the experiment, I dumped twelve goldfish into the pond, and have been feeding them. As of today, I believe there are about six fish alive, and three fish dead. I have no idea where the other three fish are.