In the summer of ’91, when I was a kid, getting a Super Soaker was all anybody wanted that summer. They were simply revolutionary, even the smallest Super Soaker, the 30, was light years ahead in technology beyond a conventional squirt gun. The pressurized water container ensured that you would drench your opponents and win any water gun battle. This was before Amazon, and online ordering, which meant that if you wanted a “hot” toy, your parents would have to call up every drug, toy and department store, then drive around and hope that they find the toy. Eventually, I remember my mom got my brother and I the smallest Super Soakers, but after weeks of searching we were elated.


Due to patents or legal issues, pressurized Super Soakers haven’t really been in production for the past few years. When Target got modern recreations of the old classic Super Soakers, I leaped at the chance to introduce my kids to the joy I felt when I was their age. As it turns out, these new guns aren’t as good as the old ones. They have some safety measures to ensure you don’t over pump the guns and kill yourself. Still, they are much better than anything else on the market. When they arrived in the mail, we immediately busted them out and had a lot of fun chasing each other around the yard.


Unfortunately, the above situation happened. I thought it would be a good idea to run through the bushes, and I promptly tripped on a garden hose, sending me face first into the cement below. As I laid on the ground in complete shock, my knees felt like they had been shattered, my wrists were bent, and blood was rapidly filling my mouth. Lois came over and promptly blasted me in the face with a pressurized water stream, until I somehow managed to voice my pain and ask her to get mommy. There was no lasting damage, but I still feel some pain in my knees whenever I bend down and get up, but it may also be because I am an old man now.


As to the comic strip itself, I’m not sure this is that funny. It was mainly my attempt at seeing if my drawing skills are good enough to communicate visual humor, instead of mainly relying on text. In fact I actually considered removing all the word bubbles from this comic, to see if I could communicate the idea entirely through visuals. In the end, I thought the word bubbles added to the comic, so I left them in.