My brother had gifted us several Blu-Rays of his favorite movies, and My Neighbor Totoro was among them. We got around to watching it a few weeks ago, and this scenario basically played itself out. Obviously, I knew what a Catbus was, but I had stepped out of the room, so the girls did not know that I did know what a Catbus was. Obviously, I was not as cruel as I was in this strip, and let them finish watching the movie. It was especially cute, when I stepped out of the room, the next time the Catbus showed up on screen, and Melody ran around the house looking for me yelling, “Daddy! The Catbus is back! It’s real! It’s real!”

Overall, I’m surprised the girls liked the movie as much as they did. It doesn’t have any princesses, or songs, or even a villain. Yet, when Totoro made the plants grow (spoilers), they were jumping around and laughing like crazy.

The next night when we watched Spirited Away, because it was “Just like Totoro,” it ended with them running away screaming that the movie was too scary.