When I was a child, I had a favorite stuffed dog that I carried around everywhere. For some reason I pulled off large patches of fur off of it. My parents were very concerned that I would lose it, or that it would fall apart, so they wisely bought a second one, so that they could replace it when necessary. It never got to the point, but when I found out about the plan I was shocked that they would think it would work. I loved my stuffed dog, and of course I would realize that it had been replaced with another dog. It also helped that I knew where every missing patch of fur was on the doggy as well.


When she was young, Lois had a favorite stuffed Wonder Woman bunny that she slept with every day. I thought I would buy a second newer one, not to replace the first one, but to play pranks on her and make her think I had absconded with her prized bunny. To my shock, when she discovered that there were two bunnies, she callously discarded her prized stuffed animal and claimed the new one as her new favorite. It was at this point I realized that her heart was made of ice.


In more pleasant news, this is a picture of Melody and her favorite bunny that is drawn in the second panel of the strip. I’m pretty sure I got it on Easter clearance at QFC. It cost $5. The pile of expensive stuffed animals is sitting in my basement somewhere. Her ice queen sister, is trying to hide from the picture.