This is a essentially a true story. Roblox is this game that our kids have been obsessed with since the pandemic started. From my limited experience it seems interesting. It allows developers to use their models, game engine and tools to develop all sorts of interesting and interactive games for kids to play. I’ve tried programming a few on my own, and found it to be flexible and powerful, and I produced an “obby” with only a few hours of work. Of course, my kids made fun of me, when the “obby” was too easy…then cried when I made it too hard (pansies).


It allows developers to charge for things inside their games in the form of “Robux” which must be purchased with real money. We have been reluctant to give them any sort of money online, due to them just not knowing that this stuff costs real money. Especially Melody. A few months ago I had about $10 in my Minecraft account to buy fun Minecraft resources. Later I discovered Melody had spent it all on dresses and emotes.


We decided that maybe it would be a good way to learn budgeting and the value of money, if we signed them up for Robux subscriptions, and only limited them to $5 of Robux in a month. The girls were crazy excited to receive them. Lois seemed to understand the weight of the responsibility. She wisely spent 25 of her 450 Robux, on Bloxburg, a game she has been wanting to play for weeks. On the other hand, Melody immediately spent her money on a Unicorn, a Flashlight, and a “Spider-Pass”. I had asked the kids to run Roblox purchases by me before they purchased them to make sure they weren’t being scammed. When I asked Melody why she hadn’t done so, she told me “I forgot.” This had been maybe 15 minutes ago. To her credit, she seemed upset that she was out of Roblox for 30 days, so hopefully she has learned her lesson. On the other hand, she does have a nifty unicorn in Daycare 2.


If anybody has any valuable tips or suggestions on how to manage Roblox/Robux with their kids, please comment below. Also only spam bots comment, so It would be nice to have a real comment for once 🙂