This comic isn’t entirely true. This past week Lois has been taking a YouTube production camp, while Melody has been home since she isn’t old enough yet. On Friday, it was my turn to pick her up from camp, and I remembered that Chuck E Cheese, was right next to her camp. It had recently reopened after being closed for a year due to COVID. To Lois’ credit, she insisted that Melody come along too, but obviously it wasn’t possible to go back home and pick her up, then drive all the way back. I’ve noticed that since the last time we went to Chuck E Cheese, Lois has become much stronger (and smarter). Whereas before she couldn’t even throw a ball up the skee-ball ramp, she now can easily finish the game all by herself.


Down The Clown, the game pictured in the strip, is a game that I’ve long thought was somewhat “beatable.” If you are accurate it’s easy to consistently hit the top three clowns (for 90 total points), over and over again. The only limitation is however long it takes for the clowns to reset so you can hit them again. Now that Lois is actually strong enough to throw the balls, both of us playing together finally broke the 500 point mark and won our first jackpot on this game for a reward of 100 tickets! Unfortunately, when you hit the Jackpot, the next Jackpot value increases as well, which does make the game eventually impossible.