Cartoon Network released a short clip from the new Rick and Morty season a few days ago, and in my excitement I clicked on it and watched it at the dinner table, without realizing my kids were right next to me. Lois immediately asked me why there were so many beeps in the video I was watching, and suffice to say, it was a bit hard to explain to her the reasoning.


I actually swear a lot. It’s something I picked up during college, and playing sports and never really stopped. I have to actively remember not to use certain words when I’m around kids. However, after having kids, I’m literally around kids all the time, which puts tremendous stress on me to contain my colorful vocabulary. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a stand-up-comic and I can take credit for getting her started along that path.


Happy Father’s day to all the Fathers out there…but really happy Rick and Morty day.