This is a humble brag, but I wanted to share my achievement over the last weekend, when I placed 15th at a big Magic Tournament: Zendikar Rising Championship Round 15 Standings (


This comic doesn’t really have a joke, except the joke that when you get to be an adult, earning any amount of money is always constantly applied to “unfun” things instead of stupid crazy things that I would like to own. Of course, I already buy enough stupid crazy things as it is.


If you don’t know what a Squishmallow is, they are these soft plush oval things that look like animals, but have the “squish” of a pillow. They are quite comfy. Costco has been getting these HUGE ones in, for the price of what toy stores have for the small ones. We’ve bought a few of them now, and my kids don’t even sleep on a bed anymore. They just sleep in a gigantic pile of Squishmallows. I feel like this may be a failure in parenting, but Squishmallows are a lot cheaper than mattresses.