My Mom is very trusting. Perhaps too trusting, as she did fall for this trick once. Seahawks fans aren’t actually this mean though, they were nice to her after she explained that she didn’t know the other team’s color was “red.” But she was very mad at me when we came home. I think my Dad found it funny. She did not fall for it again, when I told her to wear purple since it was Husky day at the stadium. The Seahawks were playing the Vikings.


At another game, I did take my friend from college who was a dire-hard Buffalo Bills fan. She came decked out in full regalia and did get a beer thrown at her. That was likely due to the fact that the Bills creamed the Seahawks that day, and the fact she said

“I don’t know why all the fans are leaving! Your team could still come back! Don’t they know the story of the ‘The Comeback’? The Bills came back down 32 points to in the playoffs against the Oilers!!”

I pretended she wasn’t talking to me.