When I was in high school, I spent a decent amount of time creating a Rocket Launch pad for the Science Olympiad. I never ended up entering the Rocket Bottle portion of the competition, but I did spend a lot of time launching empty soda bottles up into the air. I remember having a lot of fun doing so, but my parents had long thrown away the launch pad I had made. Not wanting to make another one, I bought this one off Amazon. It has an “annoying” safety feature that prevents you from over pumping it, but otherwise it does the job well. I find that kids are thoroughly entertained both on launch and dodging the soda bottle on the way down. One of my friends, also tried to dodge the bottle on the way down…but I can safely say I did not agree with her methods.

It’s true that every parent would probably do anything to save their child from harm, but it’s hard to fight your natural survival instincts.