Watching a Kindergartener play Soccer can be incredibly inconsistent. One minute, every girl on the field is running after the ball as fast as they can, the next minute everybody is standing around and watching leaves fall from trees, while the ball whizzes by them (A true story). Of course, whatever happens during the game doesn’t really matter at all, what’s really important to them, is what snack they get at the end of the game.

A year or so ago, I decided I had enough comics to finally start a website, and post all my comics. Previously, they were just posted to my personal Facebook page for me to share with my friends. I had titled the strip Life With Lois, long before I decided to start the website. When I went to register a domain name, I was shocked that someone had taken already. I had checked it previously, and it was available, but didn’t buy it since I didn’t know if I would ever have enough comics to warrant a separate website. I spent a night trying to come up with names like: A Labor of Lois, or Making Melodies, but decided that none of them sounded as good as Life With Lois. I disappointingly, went with A few weeks ago I randomly went to the address, and found that the previous website wasn’t there! I quickly checked, and found it was up for sale, which I immediately grabbed!

In any case, this is the first strip that has the domain on the strip, instead of the old name. The old name will actually still be the primary address, until I flip things around. Urls with either domain will work.